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A long overdue posting...

As this is a three-day weekend for Memorial Day, and seeing that I haven't been online much since February as I've been busy at school, this is as good a time as any to update my little journal.

I've been hard at work at the Culinary Institute of America, adjusting to life as a student. I live on campus during the week and come home on the weekends. The CIA is not *just* a cooking school, it's the only university devoted fulltime to studies in the culinary and pastry arts. It's better described as a university specializing in educating "future leaders in the food and hospitality industry" and the various classes reflect that. I've been in class for almost 3 months, and only got to be in the kitchen two weeks ago. Before that, I was studying Culinary Mathematics (conversions, how to figure the cost of food, etc.), an overview of gastronomical history and science, a crash course in identifying produce, a class on food safety, and an academic writing class.

The 2-year Associate program is divided up into 'blocks' of roughly 3 weeks each, two blocks being 6 weeks (the first block of each semester) and then there's an 18 week 'externship' between the two. So far, I've been pulling a good grade average after finishing the first 2 blocks, but ran into a little trouble halfway into the third block... last week, I slipped on the floor of the kitchen-classroom and landed on my right hand, which suddenly went numb. They sent me to the nurse who didn't see any swelling or obvious damage, so she put an ice-wrap then an ace bandage on it and I went back to class. But my wrist didn't feel right the next day, so when I came home on Saturday I checked in with my personal doctor. The frown on her face while doing the exam wasn't encouraging: she ordered an X-ray. That came back with a blur that might be carpal tunnel, or might be a fractured scaphoid bone. Joy. So, I went to school on Monday with a metal-reinforced neoprene brace that immobilized my right thumb and wrist and was told to get an MRI test on it. My chef informed me that due to regulations, I cannot be in any kitchen class while I need to wear a brace or cast, so they had to give me an academic withdrawal of that class. *SIGH* What that means is that when I am cleared by the doctors to go back into the kitchen again, I have to take that whole class over again. At least I don't have to pay the nearly $1,000 tht someone who did *not* get an academic withdrawal would have to pay to retake that class... for me it'll only cost $50. But it meant that I spent the rest of this week in limbo, only having one other class (Writing) and only in the afternoons on Wednesday and Friday.

On Friday, I got good news: The MRI results were in, and I didn't have anything broken. I also found out that my doctor was available until 10pm, so as soon as my Writing Class was done, I could stop by her office on my way home. As is typical with my life, however, no good news is free of something bad happening to balance -- My cellphone popped out of its holster sometime in the afternoon and I couldn't find it anywhere. I was ready to leave at 5:15p when I discovered it missing, and unfortunately didn't leave the campus until nearly 7pm because of my searching (and not finding it) and letting Campus Security know the situation.

My doctor saw me and was confused that I had on a brace that was not the one she ordered. She also mentioned that there was another test I could take that measures of neurological activity, but that can wait a bit. Right now, she's treating it like Carpal Tunnel, having me wear a brace (the correct one) at night or when it hurts, and take anti-inflammatories. If this doesn't help, then we go to the next test and a possible surgery.

What does this mean for my schooling? Well, I get to find that out on Tuesday when I return to the campus... I suspect I'll have 2 more weeks of 'vacation' before I can start again, due mostly to the way the CIA's class schedule is laid out. But I won't be bored, I've still got 2 weeks of Writing class to finish, and I start an on-campus job as well. We'll see if this affects my drawing, as well, since I haven't drawn much lately and now this happens.

Wish me luck

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