Micole Khemarrica (khromat) wrote,
Micole Khemarrica

Life in 6 months?

To update my woefully forgotten journal of the events of the past 5 months is actually easy:

After the fall in May, I've spent the last several months comming home on weekends and working with my doctor on determining the extent of the damage. Since most specialists do not work weekends (heck, they don't work 8-hour days in one office, either!), I had to wait until those days I had No Classes but were not holidays so I could get to see them.

After getting X-Rays, MRI, EEG, and finally seeing an orthopedist, the verdict was in: acute Carpal Tunnel which requires surgery to correct. Whee.

So, as soon as I got that diagnosis in September, I spend the rest of that week up at school filling out forms for a Leave Of Absense to cover the 8 weeks I'd need for surgery and recovery.

The surgery was set for September 17th. It's a simple procedure, but having never had surgery of any kind before, I was understandably nervous. Not being allowed to eat as off 00-hundred hours of the day of surgery (no matter *when* the procedure was to be done) had me in the usual low-blood-sugar stupor, and I was rather cold. Everything went fine, I'm told... the 'mild sedative' did as I expected and knocked me out cold for the entire duration of the procedure (the double blankets on me helped, too) and the only oddity was something my coug'r mentioned later: During post-op, while I was going in and out of consciousness, one of the monitors kept beeping an alert saying "apnea". I guess when I sleep, I sleep hard.

I had to wear a lightweight cast for a week, then the sutures were removed and my hand was bandaged for another week. Now it's free of bandages and I'm trying to rebuild the muscle tissue (feels weird not being able to hold a plastic cup!) and keep the scar tissue healing with liberal applications of Vitamin E oil (which is working wonderfully) while going through the necessary procedures to return to school.

I have hopes that in the next few weeks I'll be able to get back into drawing since it's been *months* since I've been able to do anything like that. I've started cooking a little (being careful not to do anything too stressful to the hand) and should be able to return to the Culinary Institute of America in November with only a faint skin abberration to show where the surgery happened.

I'm crossing my fingers.

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