Micole Khemarrica (khromat) wrote,
Micole Khemarrica

News and reviews...

It's Friday of the first week back at school... sadly, it's not the beginning of the weekend for me, as we have a class this Saturday to make up for time that will be lost on Thanksgiving Weekend. This has its good and bad side: On the bright side, I get more practice, on the other hand I won't have much a chance to be with my coug'r. Not to mention that the new class is very challenging and I'm weary at the end of it.

That tiredness isn't just from class, though. In September, a sleep study was done and the results came back last week. I do, in fact, have a minor sleep apnea. It has to be minor, since the people monitoring me on the test didn't detect any obvious apnea and I was forced to stay the rest of the day for the second battery of tests-- which were to determine if I was a narcoleptic.

Having the news right as I start school again is frustrating (why didn't they get the results in October?) but hopefully this means that something can now be done regarding my near-constant waves of tiredness.

...in other news... I may have found a girlfriend local to me, which would totally rock my world. As much as I adore my coug'r, I am openly bisexual and he understands my need for a companion of the same sex. A confidant; not just a playmate but an honest friend I can pal around with. The only playmate-girlfriends I have are out of state and many long hours' drive, so having a local friend would be wonderful... especially one that shares a lot of my interests and even a few physical features as well.

Today was a disaster in class, and I still managed to come out of it better than okay. Chef was obviously quite pleased with the crawfish bisque I was assigned to make, complimenting me on the texture, flavor, and service. This was a happy surprise considering that the day started out with a rather severe lack of the main ingredient. Nobody said changing carreers, going 'back' to college as an adult, or even just going to the CIA were going to be easy... it's the challange that has kept me focused, and I am thoroughly enjoying classes. In spite of my stupid health, slowness, and ADD tossing wrenches into my studies. I'm tired, but I feel good!

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