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FurtherConfusion: Part III

I didn't get to the con until 1:30pm after spending the morning burning CDs on Cory's slow machine (the price I pay for forgetting my laptop). I managed to only lose 2 in the process as Cory's burner is on the flakey side. In spite of that, I did reasonably well although most of my sales were sketches.

I didn't hesitate this con on buying my usual few trinkets and such... as soon as I got a little money from the various artists who had commissioned buttons from me. One item was second Renamon 'eyes' T-Shirt for my friend SusanDeer. I brought mine to the con and we wore the T-Shirts together... in fact, I put on my spare glasses and a matching pair of faded blue jeans to become Sue's "MiniMe". The outfits were a hit: we made Ken Singshow's day by both girls hugging him while wearing the shirts he designed!

For dinner, a pile of us went out to a nearby mall, where there was a Japanese buffet unlike any I've been to before. This place was great! It was huge, broken up into 'islands' of food types (soups, sushi, noodles, etc.) and the seating area was large enough to hold the crowd of people enjoying the food.

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