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FurtherConfusion: Part V

Eplilogue, of sorts....

Monday was checkout day, with the minor emergency of Bennie leaving his laptop behind in the hotel room in the rush to get to SFO. Yikes! Thankfully, our other roommate, Leo, had a friend with a fast car and they zoomed off to deliver the package. Whew!

In my rush to get my own things packed down, out of the hotel room, and downstairs to the lobby, my Culinary Institute of America hoodie fell -- and vanished into the ether. That hurt. I was frantic looking for it, but it never appeared. I asked both Con and Hotel security, but I've not heard anything back yet.

I spent most of Monday camped out on the tables in front of the (now closed) Dealers Den, getting some sketchbook art finished and yapping with friends I didn't get a chance to see during the con, like Smudge and Chirik. My buddies Orrin and Cory arrived later and packed my stuff into their car, then they left after a while and asked me to just call them when I was ready to leave... I was hunting down Maxrabbit to at least say goodbye, if not get some chatting and drawing time in with him.

What I got was even better: my Kemono friends were all back from some daytrip adventure and were camped out in the pair of hotel-rooms having a good old-fashioned dead-dog furry party. Kuraneko, Trump, Stinken (Ken Singshow), Max, Jace and even Eric Schwartz were in attendence, among the crowd of others folks whose names I can't remember (I'm sorry, don't beat me!) all sitting around on any flat surface while drawing. Only Stinken among the Kemono boys knew enough English to speak to us roundeyes with any confidence, but the poor guy was not adept to be an interpreter like our friend Dan (who wasn't at this con) so the language gap was more palpable than usual. Mostly because Jace was pestering Trump with a flood of questions and Stinken was hard-pressed to translate. In spite the awkwardness of the language barrier, we actually had a grand time. In fact, I was teasing the pleasantly-buzzed Trump in my usual bouncy manner. At one point, I said to Stinken that I wouldn't mind modelling for Trump but that he wasn't drunk enough to handle that... Trump understood just enough of the comment to suddenly jump up and offer me a bottle of Guinness Draft. Stinken and I laughed as I repeated that Trump wasn't drunk enough to handle me! To prove it, I started to pull up my shirt.... and every Japanese boy in the room blushed beat red and giggled in embarrassment (wow, just like in anime!) until I stopped and grinned back. There are times my lack of body-shyness, my exhibitionistic streak, and my empathy really conspire against me. But I was a good girl and respectfully stopped embarrassing my friends. :D

Note: To those who don't understand, Japanese culture is similar in many ways to Victorian England. Social customs are very strong about what is considered acceptable public behavior, although what they do behind closed doors in private is another matter. So, as a result, while the Japanese have some rather extreme kinds of kink, at the same time they appear quite repressed. While Trump and the other boys who draw Kemono (literally "Beast", the Japanese equivalent to "Furry Art") can illustrate some very wild females, it's still difficult for them to be at ease with a real-life extrovert like me. Thankfully, I both understand and respect their culture and have chatted enough with them to understand that while they can't publicly express their interest, they privately enjoy my playful antics, so I don't feel bad about being myself around them.

I even taught them a new english slang-word: cellphone. No, they don't use that word for cellular telephones at all... they call them 'handies' for hand-held phone. At one point, Stinken left the room while Trump and I were in a semi-comical attempt at communication... Trump was visibly frustrated at his lack of language skills and suddenly sighed heavily and called for Stinken, at the exact same time I did the same. We both laughed! As fun as it was, it just reminded me how much I really must brush up on my Japanese!

But as all good things must come to an end, I eventually had to take my leave and head to bed. While I was waiting for Orrin and Cory to pick me up, I managed to procure The Bible Of ZigZag from Max again (he asked me to bring it to the con on the promise I'd have it back afterwards to finish the evil I was working on) and see what silliness Eric had added to the well-worn tome as I had been 'chasing' him through the pages, filling any empty spaces he missed.

Long day... I slept most of today to recover! :D

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