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Journal catchup...

*sigh* Life continues to hit me upside the head....

One of the many doctors' appointments found something -- a fibroid on my euterus. Joy. So, I was scheduled for an outpatient procedure at the nearby St. Peters University Hospital for a "hysteroscopy with a myomectomy". In other words, they stuck a camera inside me to better see what's going on inside, and to determine if they can effectly remove the fibroid (as well as find out what else might be causing my problems).

...This required me to have no sex 3 weeks prior and two weeks after the procedure. Over a month without sex???! If I was a boy, I'd have the most severe case of blueballs you'd ever see. It also required no food or drink as of midnight before the procedure, and a few days of "taking it very easy" after the procedure... well, with my fast metabolism, fasting that long guarantees throwing my system out of whack. Add to that the stresses of the body under anasthesia and the actual procedure, and what you get is a real mess. It'll be two weeks ago this Friday, and I'm still feeling off. On the "bright side", they found polyps and removed them. Hopefully I'll get to see the doctor this week to get the full details and the OK to get on with my life.

The week before the procedure, when I had to go to the hospital for "Pre-Admission Testing" (get all that bloodwork and information beforehand), the weather was particularly nasty (which stresses me out), and I had to do that fast-thing for the testing... which means I really was in less than optimum shape to drive when I got it into my head to meet my coug'r at his work since it was on the way home from the hospital. I mind-blipped on where the new building was, panicked, turned around to head along an unfamiliar road back to familiar territory, and lost control of my car on the slippery mud-and-melting ice on a sharp turn. ABS brakes maybe great for preventing a car from 'breaking' and spinning out, but in this case all it did was prevent Sterling from swerving away from the curve and smacked the guardrail with the passenger-front headlight, slid along the curving rail until the passenger-back connected and pushed me along off the road.

The good news is, I wasn't going particularly fast, so I didn't go *through* the railing, and I did manage to stop the car safely on the tiny gravel-mud shoulder of the 2-lane road. The bad news is, Sterling lost all the lights on that side as well as getting the front wheel-well torn up, the rear quarter crunched, and a nasty gash along the length of the car.... and a traumatised, starving, anxiety-ridden driver fighting not to break down completely. First call was to coug'r as he'd know the number of the insurance company. I wasn't safe where I was, and Sterling appeared drivable once I got my shaking under control, so I limped over to the old building the coug'r used to work at (his company relocated) and parked in the empty parking lot to wait for Ken. Once I was safe, I had a screaming crying jag to get all that anxiety energy out. Ken arrived and was on the cellphone with the insurance company getting all the details and information needed. I was feeling well enough to carefully drive back home to get food and call the recommended body-shops about getting an estimate.

So now, I'm without a car, without income, without classes and still dealing with my stupid health. My sleep schedule has been completely disrupted and the only thing I've accomplished has been getting involved with the There Developer Program, "painting" clothing designs for the cyberspace community like this:

Nightsky female shirt

New from Flying Ferret Designs!

Okay, it may not seem like much, but building a texture that would be a) recognizable at such a tiny scale (the 'texture map' is 256x128 pixels!), b) is a completely wrap-around non-repeating design, and c) has minimum distortion was a real trick. I'm pleased!

And yes, such little achievements really do help my mood.

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