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... we bow our heads today in rememberance....

*sigh* Confurence is dead, long live fur cons...?

Okay, I knew this was going to happen, I had predicted it when I went to my last Confurence, but I didn't expect it to die quite so spectacularly. I just watched "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to see a brief blurb (maybe all of 2 minutes, at most) of Jimmy's cousin's invasion of Confurence. It was mildly humorous, if I hadn't known the details about furry cons in general and Confurence in specific. Heck, I felt downright sad that they even put the venerable-old-furry Frisbie into the unwanted limelight. Sure, he's a little strange (isn't everyone in our own way?), but he's a sweet old man who didn't need that kind of attention.

I suppose I should be glad that I didn't go. I had too many reasons, including but not limited to: a) Money (being unemployed for 2 years procludes most traveling); b) Time (as a student, I can't just bop across the continent for a weekend in the middle of my studies); c) Fiscal Business Consideration (I don't make enough money in my home business to make it worth my time, especially considering the distance); and d) Personal Bias (I hate-hate-hate-hate the Burbank Airport Hilton, have never forgiven it for the diasterous weekend when I was there for a Sci-Fi convention many years ago, consider it to be an abyssmal choice of venue for any fan-based event, and swore never to cross its path again, and I'm sticking to that).

The fact that The Man Show and Jimmy Kimmel were encouraged to film the con '< sarcasm > with all the sensitivity and understanding we've come to expect from such comedic fare < '/sarcasm > was just the bitter icing on the poisonous cake that was served up. I have gathered that the owner of the con even put in a rather lengthy eulogy in the Program Guide, which sounded suspiciously like an insult than apology.

Personal Note here... I heard that the current Chair has complained that he's sunk a rather hefty sum into the convention, and that's a reason for its demise. I know for a fact that the previous Chair (and creator of the con) had personally been in the hole several thousand dollars for most of the 10 years he ran it. Heck, according to one report, after the 6th year of operation, they made enough money that year to pay for the debts of the first con! Nobody expects a fanbased convention to make money, but I figured it was at least common knowledge that running a convention wasn't just a commitment of time, but a significant financial commitment as well. To quote Super Chicken, "Fred, you knew the job was dangerous when you took it!"

On the bright side, not every person in the Media is out to tar-and-feather wierdos like Furries. I present to you a rather thoughtful article called My Life As A Furry by a local Los Angeles press.

Okay, enough ranting for now. The wake is over, the procession has passed, it's time to move on.

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