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A new toy to play with...

An idea I've been toying with for almost two decades now is a central clearing house of information related to one of my social groups, furry fandom. While I used to view the USENET groups, the signal-to-noise ratio became so low as to make wading through the hundreds of messages a useless endevour. Other venues, like the old In-FUR-Nation newsletter, only get out to select people (as in, members of a certain convention). And lastly, I recognize the limitations of my own ADHD prevent me from making the rounds of message-boards that seem to ebb and flow through the InterNet.

Which makes this "new toy" a rather interesting concept -- a do-it-yourself SlashDot site. Now, for those unfamiliar with SlashDot, it is less of a online diary or web journal than it is a uniquely electronic sounding board and Rumor Central repository. Instead of 'entries', there are 'articles' that are created by members of the site, usually talking about a subject that's of interest to the readership and including links to either the web-blips that caught their attention or related articles on the same subject. Like a collection of short reviews in an industry magazine, these articles can whett the appetite for more information, or can be used to quickly skim over what folks are talking about on that day. And, like many of the online journal systems, people can reply to the article and add their own views.

So, information-addict me, I go tinkering with this new concept and decide "what the heck" and created my FuzzyGrapevine to see about building up a database of information of Things Furry. There's not much there yet, I'll have to build some background images and "Subject Icons" (every article must fall under a subject catagory, and each catagory has a corresponding icon so that it's easy to recognize subject matter at a glance) and I'll have to dig up some "reporters" to add articles to the site, but this could be a lot of fun.

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