Micole Khemarrica (khromat) wrote,
Micole Khemarrica

...so what's Plan B again?

Apologies to all my friends that I've not been on-line as much in general and haven't been updating this journal in specific.

My life continues to not give me a break, and it's now depressed the creative and social energies I had. I'm still on the leave of absence from school as they're still trying to figure out what's causing my decline in mental and physical health. My coug'r still hasn't gotten his car back (it's now almost 3 months longer than it should have been, according to him... since the car was stolen the week of Thanksgiving and found within the week, I'd say it's a lot longer than that!) and until he gets his car back, it's just more economical for us that he drive my Maxima while I'm jobless and out of school.... so I'm also homebound.

I've been wearing various kinds of splints on my right index finger for the past month as they try to figure out why it's swollen, hurts, and the joints feel wrong (current guess is that I tore the ligament of the second joint). The current splint (called a frog) has four vanes jutting up around the finger (think of a metal gingerbread man with his limbs folded up at a 30-degree angle to 'hug' my finger) which makes typing difficult, holding a pencil a challenge, and trying to use chopsticks neigh impossible (we had sushi tonight -- what a frustration!)

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear what the EEG, the bloodwork, and the MRI of my head (good news: I do have a brain!) all mean to the neurologist looking into my ADHD/GAD. The sleep study may interest him as well, or may not; typical of my health history, the results were 'inconclusive and confusing', showing that I had a hypopnea but not enough to warrent treating it like an apnea and that I'm not quite a narcoleptic but I hit REM sleep far more than I should on the 'multi session' part of the test (apparently, if you hit REM all 5 times, you're narcoleptic. I REM'd 4 of the 5. Whee.) Of course, if they find a conclusive apnea, the second part of the test is irrelevant (sound logic: if you're not getting enough sleep during the night, you'll be more likely to REM-sleep during the day but it wouldn't be caused by narcolepsy) so, either I'm not-quite-narcoleptic or the 'minor hypopnea' isn't so minor to my system. (My vote's for #2: it's been seen time and again my body is very sensitive to changes more slight than the 'average range' doctors use, including drug interactions and body chemistry.)

Oh, and with my finger in a splint, it's hard to convince a chef to hire me for summer help to get that aforementioned experience, let alone the fact that I only have 2 months left to 'play in' before I have to go back to school... and then a month later, I leave on externship for 18 weeks.

With my finger in a splint, it's hard to draw anything to make even a little bit of cash, and there's a local convention I'm already committed to in July. My only hope is that my mood swings lift when the weather is warm and sunny, and if I keep my Ops Room's humidity below 50% my asthma won't get triggered, so I might well make that convention deadline if I can get more days like today (85 degrees, brilliantly sunny with a few passing clouds, humidity climbed to 70% by afternoon but I had my A/C operational by then, whee!)

I'd cross my fingers, but this darned frog is in the way.

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