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Dare I say... good news?

First, I finally get a bit of a job... it's part-time on weekends at the Pen Ryn Mansion on the Delaware doing kitchen work. And slowly, more news of the positive side filters up...

... Hades has a cold streak as my coug'r gets his car back... FINALLY. Oh, and for those who asked: no, it wasn't at the body shop all this time... after the car was recovered, it sat in the towing lot for a month, was then sent to the body shop for 2 months, and then it went to an Audi dealership to get the engine fixed (not the same place Coug'r bought it, though). I still think that he should have contacted a lawyer about all this as a) the dealership never recieved SIGNED PERMISSION by Coug'r to work on the car, and as a result he never had a written list of the estimated time, costs, and materials that he could hold over their heads.... they, in return, appeared to have hap-hazardly looked over the car so that each time a part was fixed, something new cropped up. No, I don't think it was malicious or intentional fraud: my impression was that one of the service boys at the dealership was informed by one of the techs at the body shop "We suspect this...." and so the dealership's service department never actually did a complete inspection of the car on their own to determine all the internal damage done by the Thanksgiving joy-ride and had to learn about each damaged piece the hard way. Still, it should *not* have taken 3 months to have gone over the engine and replaced the various parts (I'm not auto-mechanically inclined, so I can't give details... but looking at the box-o-parts they left in the trunk to prove they fixed things, the scratches and dings on the rotors/pistons/camshafts of the engine make me wonder if it wouldn't have been faster and more effective to have just pulled out the whole darned engine and replaced it But, BoomBoom the Audi A4 is back, which means Sterling the Maxima SE now back to being my car instead of the Coug'r temporary transport.

I've also done another kitchen interview, this time at the Barnards Inn and might actually get some part-time work during weekdays there. We'll see.

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