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Murphy's Law strikes again...


There are times I wonder why I bother.

I have been on a serious lack-of-drawing streak for months now. Last month, I finally got back into the groove with a massive project for the impending con (T minus 4 days now) and I can't finish it in time. So, I will have nothing new or interesting to sell for the con. I cannot find any of the preprinted button-sheets for the existing designs, I don't have enough supplies to do the two existing CD compilations. Finally, as Murphy Law smacks me on the head yet again, the backlight of my laptop has failed, so I can't even work on coloring stuff at the con.

I'm no Max Blackrabbit regarding sketchbooks, and there's not much apparent interest in personalized buttons, and it's really getting me down that I can't get my act together 2 months before a con like I should. The stuff that makes me the most money are other artists having me make buttons of their art, which I enjoy doing but certainly doesn't make me feel positive towards my own art.

Maybe this will be the last year I'll be a dealer. Unless something drastic happens in the good luck department, I don't think I can handle the stress and frustration anymore.

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